The 2013 Year in Review

January 3, 2014


396860_315033398535740_101362016_n had a busy and productive year in 2013. Many events and happenings took place this past year and as always we wanted to run them down for you.


The Company of Friends at the Bite Me Bait Co kicked the year off in style with their annual winter classic.

BMBC Goes Postal at Winter Classic! Anastasi named F.O.T.Y

Tomorrow marks the end of the river rat’s reign over the BMBC where he will hand the trophy over to Wes E Gusset the FOTY elect. We will be there on hand for Mike to give up the trophy. Or as it Mick Jagger put it to see “Anastasia Scream in Vain”


Mark Gardner and his Blue Moon Coffee House kicked the year off in style with the four Bridges Bluegrass Band. The Blue Moon Coffee House has become renowned in Bluegrass Folk circles everywhere.  2013 was a great year for the Blue Moon.

Four Bridges Plays Hard Driving Bluegrass at the Blue Moon Coffeehouse

The frost barely made it’s way into Bill’s garage before he was 1500 miles away catching record bass on his pontoon boat.

The Lawn Mower Man Takes Record Bass in FLA


Michelle Mancini became the first ever grand champion at the Rockland Eagles annual Chili Chowder Festival in February

Michelle Manchini Upsets Sausage Cart @ Rockland Eagles and Rakes in the Clam$


February brought many flakes and many flurries of brilliance by our star author Tacks2death

The Blizzard of 2013. Lesson learned???


The Apple doesn’t fall from the tree at the Larry Ryan Family

Another Rockland Football Player Makes Good


The month of March brought us the Rockland Lions Club Easter Brunch,

Rockland Lions Easter Bunny Brunch March 24

Along with another fantastic performance at the Blue Moon Coffee House

Blue Moon Coffee House Report

But the big news in March was Super Mom Michele Johnson’s life saving heroics at a local eatery.

Rockland Mom Saves Man’s Life While Her Family Watches.

April brought the Duffy Fly Over Bankroled by Rockland’s Favorite Millionaire Bill Minahan

Barbecue Bill Minahan to bankroll DuffyFlyover!!!!

The warm tempertures had the Space Shuttle landing in Mohegan Sun for some Boondocking and boondoggle

Boondocking at Mohegan Sun


The Rockland Lions Club, The Club that Has No Fun made international news with their first ever Beast Feast at Camp Kiwani

Lions Feed The Herd at First Annual Beast Feast

The month of May brought fantastic reports from Dan Heary out in Connecticut. Dam got right in the front row.

Dan Heary Reports, Bob Seger, Rocklandnews Never Forgets

Dan Heary Reports, “SNL” @ Foxwoods a Stand Out of Stand Up

Dan Heary Reports, Billy Idol @Foxwoods

The Month of May also brought the Annual Childrens Fishing Derby at Reeds Pond.

Rockland Children Fishing Derby

June brought early summer heat and a whole host of activity

Cross Roads Athletic Club Fishing Trip Report

Doug the Quahog predicts 66 days of beach weather.

Fleetwood Mac Review, by Dan Heary and Brian White


The Month of July brought the heat in more ways than one. Dan Heary was front row for Aerosmith

Dan: From The Front Row @ Foxwoods, Aerosmith “Keeps On A Rollin”

Bill Minahan was on fire by July

Bill Minahan Grand Champion Pit Master

King Lion Jay was all fire and iron at this years Lions Bike Run the best one yet.

Lion Eyes Bike Run Report

The heat continued into August with our Representative to the united states capitol went on the record and out of the closet as being in favor of socialism.

Bill Keating “Likes” Socialism on Facebook!


Bill Keating wasn’t the only crook in Rockvegas in August as pajama clad junkies continued their crimes sprees in and around Rockland

Do you know this Bank Robber?

August brought us the future Athlete of the year behind the bar at Banner Irish Pub also.

Special K Drafted by Banner Irish Pub

The long awaited bench dedication to the late Great Steve O’Brien took place on Castle Island in August.

Obie’s Bench Dedication on Castle Island Report

The Entertainment it was reaching it’s peak at starring Rudy “All over the World” Childs winning major film accolades

Rudy Childs and ALLOY 20 win “Best Alternative Rock” band at World Music & Independent Film Festival Entertainer of the Year  Nick Johnson along with Lionel Richie, Huey Lewis, Jo Henley, Cold Chocolate and the Delta Kings all took their place on Rocklandnews in September.

Huey Lewis and The Rockland “News”

The Mighty Jo Henley Band, Live at the Rock.

The Delta Kings Live in Rockvegas Every Wednesday Night!

Guitarist Nick Johnson came to Atlanta to find his musical home

Lionel sings “All Night Long” @ MGM

The month of October brought crashes, bashes and ashes as made the way into fall.

Overnight Crash lands two in the hospital and evacuates homeowners.

Jo Henley, Inside Out on Main Street USA.

King Lion Jay and the Rockland Pride return to Scussett.

The Month of November was filled with Chowder Cups Solar Arrays and Drug Busts

Steve Somers Strikes Again. Oxy-moron in custody

The 2013 Chowder Report

The Beech Hill Solar Array Update!

The month of December brought a close to 2013  and more  stories from

Lions Breakfast with Santa This Sunday Abington VFW!!


The Banner Steps up for Father Bill’s Place


The Beech Hill Solar Array Update!


Brian White Celebrates Birthday with Jo Henley

So there you have it the highl;ights from 2013 at


About halfway through writing this story I realized what a lame ass leftover lazy story it was. But I hate to waste time so I published it anyway.


Happy New Year!