The Rockland Lawnmower man is back!

May 6, 2015


Rockland Hot Rod legend and master mechanic, Bill Thomas, is the one to see when your lawnmower quits. Bill has been helping neighbors in the Holy Family Parish with their lawn mower needs for fifty years. Way back when, in 1956, when Mr. Newt’s lawnmower wouldn’t run, Bill said he’d have a look at it. Bill had it running in moments. That’s all it took. From that day forward, friends, family and neighbors have dragged their broken mowers to his corner lot for repairs. Through the years many people would drop their mowers off for repair and never return to get them. Bill would hold them for as long as he could – after paying for the parts himself. As a result of that generosity, he has a pile of fully-functional, reconditioned mowers that he is now selling for pennies on the dollar.


Bill Thomas, The Lawn Mower Man of Rockvegas!

If that old mower is on the fritz, call 781 878 6880 and have Bill repair it; or take home one of Bill’s top-quality, pre-owned mowers.

Don’t waste hundreds on a new mower when you can get one of equal quality for far less.


Find Bill on the corner of Myrtle and Exchange streets!


Several self-propelled, reconditioned mowers for sale right now!