“TITAN’S” of New York Have “Jet-Lag” Story by Dan Heary, Photos by Mike Lizzi

June 30, 2014


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     One can thank Lamar Hunt from Texas for NOT being allowed in the good ole’ boys club, the NFL.  Lamar got some of his rich “oil buddies” together and for a mere $25,000 [per franchise] plus a million dollar bond they formed a powerful “AFL”.
     How powerful one might ask ?.  They literally bought 75% of 1960 draft away from the NFL.  The original eight members had buckaroos and in a decade forced a merger with the “boys club”.  The AFL played a more open type of football, instead of a four page play book of “X’s and O’s”. [name the original eight--answer below]
    Your New York Titan’s [not mine] have struggled over a 55 year period, really struggled.  This is in a league where “parody” makes bad look good.  At times, teams at or below .500 have made the playoffs and the NFL wants to EXPAND for more teams to get into the action.
  _IZ_6278-1 (1)  The now Jet’s have a 373-439 record to boast, using over 42 quarterbacks to start games with one Super Bowl back when “polyester bell bottoms” attracted “chicks” and The Beverly Hillbillies was the #1 show on that tube TV.
    Joe Namath was a joke with a terrible QB rating [something 46 in the SB], but had a lifestyle like a NBA player today.  I can’t remember the score, but remember Unitas and the Colts were 13-1.  Then along came another Alabama lad in Richard Todd who just happened to duplicate the stats of “Broadway Joe”.
     The above were followed by Boomer, Vinny and Chad.  Every now and then a starter in between who now works washing windows for food on entrance ramps to highways.  Along came a guy who has a crush on himself, Marky Mark.  Now it is Gino and a spokesman for PETA, M Vick.
    The current problem [big time] is Ryan.  Rex can’t name one offensive player, that is why he should be a defensive coordinator.   He is a great guy to have a beer with and talk defense and pass the pretzels to.  They can stop, but can’t score consistently in a mans game.  My all time fav is Curtis Martin, 4th all time leading rusher….yes he has 14,000+ yds.
    My prediction is 6-10, and don’t know the schedule, nor care.  They are boring, as are the Knicks, Rangers [played over their skates], Yankees, Mets, and all the folks stuck on the GWB.
Dan from the 50 yard line
Boston Patriots
Los Angles Chargers
Buffalo Bills
New York Titans
Oakland Raiders
Denver Broncos
Houston Oilers
Dallas Texans
FYI–The NFL had only one team west of the Mississippi –San Fran
and the most southern team, the Redskins.