Toby Keith U.S. Strong, Dan Heary reports

November 30, 2015


 12265824_1034998783187303_2617866040659621341_o (1)He was born Toby Keith Covel 54 years ago and it was a “bumpy” start for one of the most successful country artists ever.  ”TK” received no love from Nashville again and again.  It was the ” right person” luck that got him where he is at now.
  A friend [flight attendant] of Keith’s took his demo tape and she proceeded to give it to a record ‘exec’ for Mercury, and the rest is 20 #1 hits and 20 more top 10′s along with almost 20 albums [bet the #20].  Along with Chesney, Paisley, Urban and others they took the “WESTERN” out,  and we now have “COUNTRY” which is 45% of ALL music downloads.
The lad from Oklahoma played to a full house at the “Sun” for two hours and ended with his armed forces tribute song “American Soldier”.  TK had veterans on stage as he sang the tune to a standing ovation from 20,000 hands.  The “vets” than  shook some of those hands and enjoyed the moment as we all did.
     It is a great story of keep on pursuing, and how luck plays a huge role in many forms of life.  Keith’s“Should’ve Been A Cowboy” is the most played country song ever, yes ever.  Not enough space to list his hits but “I Love This Bar” is one of mine…. great lyrics of everyday people stopping in for a cold one.

12095142_1034998593187322_1688942009949228964_o (1)

    Nearing the end before the encore was my favorite tune – “Stranglehold”.. [Nugent], yes you “rockers” “STRANGLEHOLD” for nine minutes with his brass section and lead guitar player thumping’…yes I said brass section [four].  So now go enjoy Lambert, Flatts, Swift, Bryan and other COUNTRY talents….where everybody is your friend… “How Do You Like Me Now”….am I “As Good As I Once Was”…?????
Dan: From the front row
FYI-TK’s dad [deceased] was a “vet”