Turtles Rule!

June 22, 2016


DSC01097The 43rd running of the Cross Roads Athletic Club was a smashing success. More than ninety anglers set sail for Golden Pond to take part in the last bastion of manly freedom known to  most of us. In rustic cabins they gather by groups and assume the identity assigned to their sleeping quarters. Ducks, Bugs, Owls, Turtles, Chipmunks, Minks and recently added Hawks all compete for no other reason than because they can. The result is a one of kind blend of rivalry and camaraderie    that bonds these groups into one fun loving band of brothers. Cross Roads Athletic Club is made up of mud dogs and millionaires, old and young men who each enjoy a code of equality that spares them no mercy in the arena of  alpha male competitive insult ridicule and ball busting.

Although the club has it’s share of millionaires through the years we’ve never had one like Bill Minahan. On Bill’s first year as a member he brought his stateDSC01162 of the art 150,000 dollar 60 foot long  rolling Barbecue show up the old dirt road and right into camp. Minahan proceeded to treat last year’s flag winners (The Turtles) to a world class BBQ Feast.The members were blown away by the award winning baby back ribs , short ribs brisket and steaks.  Minahan is a highly decorated Pitmaster with national acclaim and Trophy case to prove it. Minahan’s generosity flowed like BBQ sauce throughout the entire trip culminating with an over the top outpouring at the club’s annual auction. New members like Bill Minahan make the prospects for the future of CRAC better than ever.


DSC01235This years premier cabin award has to go to the Turtles, they came up bigger better and stronger than ever with nearly twenty members all in uniform. The had the best boat, the best T shirts and the biggest bid to become the fist cabin to win back to back flags with an amazing bid of $1000.00






In other news  The Burke boys  won the horses asses awards again, the Banks boys won the free trips for next year again, the plumbing in the infirmary failed again. The same cheap bastards sat on their wallets at the auction again  and a handful of greedy grunts hoarded all the leftover beer at the end again.













Honorable mentions for members,  Jim Casey, setting new records at the Fifty Fifty Raffles, Dominic Lentini for new record amount in the Tim Nelson Memorial Casting Contest, George Hoyte, for gathering an amazing array of raffle prizes and  large donations, Club treasurer Kevin Gallagher who manages every penny of the 22,000 dollar junket year in and year out without error.    just to name a few.


The 2016 Cross Roads Roads Athletic Club was a huge success.Under the leadership of Club President, Mark Benedeti, the club is bigger better and stronger than any time in it’s 43 year history.

Long Live Camp Hale.