Whitman Residents continue to Dump On Ewell Green Way

September 19, 2011


Residents in Whitman on Oakdale Farm Road, Candlewick Lane, and Plymouth street continue to dump yard waste, boulders, and broken concrete on the recreation land that is the Ralph E Ewell Greenway.  One resident on Candlewick has worn tire tracks across the lawn toward the conservation land from continuously dumping on the trail. Trail founder and care taker, Derek Ewell, has already cleared the trail on more than one occasion to make it passable for mountain bikers and hikers in Rockland and Whitman. Several calls to the Conservation Commission and Recreation Department have gone unanswered.  “We don’t mind cleaning what Mother Nature may drop on the trail, but these residents need to stop dumping on the land” said Derek Ewell.

It is illegal to dump yard and tree waste on conservation land, yet the Whitman Conservation Committee refuses to address the problem.

One of the many natural dumpings cleared by Derrek.

Access to the two hundred acre conservation/recreation land is also blocked by an iron gate. Officials in Whitman have stated that the town does not own the gate and they do not know who does.  The friends of the Ralph E Ewell Memorial Greenway are looking into ways to keep the area clear to allow access. One plan includes cutting the lock on the gate and bringing in a Bobcat machine to clear the trail. 

If you know anyone involved with Whitman Conservation, would you kindly forward this story to them as we patiently await a response to our phone calls?  The next report will include the names and addresses of the offenders and the members of the Conservation Committee who refuse to deal with this issue.