Whitman treats Rockland to Free Concert.

August 17, 2015


11219111_712487302185877_1570677688848767442_n (1)Robert Whitman  of South Shore Taekwondo treated the townspeople to a fantastic free concert last night on the best outdoor music venue in Rockland. The good doctor Retchless opened the facilities for the event and showcased the incredible new amenity of his new complex.Retchless was on hand as an ambassador as well as a generous patron of the vendors.

A couple of hundred revelers came out in the heat with lawn chairs and strollers but didn’t even begin to fill the vast outdoor amphitheater. The Beatles tribute band was fantastic complete with  big sound equipment retro hair and costumes along with great musical talent. The Rockland Lions Club was on hand with concessions as well as a handful of other vendors.


Robert Whitman has been working the plan all year and by all measures his goal to have a great night outdoors in Rockland was a smashing success!


Robert Whitman and South Shore Taekwondo

Making Rockland A Great Place To Live