“Wishbone” A world class five minute thrill ride. Turn up the speakers!

April 18, 2013


Shanahan and Murphy have really stepped up their game this time around. Their first  collaboration together,  “I Love You Pizza” was perhaps the best amateur comedy film to ever come out of old Shoetown.  Their latest release, “Wishbone”, may be the best professional film to ever come out of Rockvegas.  Wishbone is a five-minute thrill ride through the shadows of Rockvegas.  It is a powerful high-voltage film that stands the hairs on end, then delivers several jolting live-wire jabs that pop out of nowhere.  The setting is dark and dangerous in the gray winter of New England. The film is laced with politically current themes from bullying, texting, suicide, teen drinking, latchkey kids and more. See if you can count them all.  From the first scene, the film is gripping and haunting, highlighting the distinct signature of the creators, in much the same way as the first film did.  The drama is intense, with a searing story line incorporating totally believable characters and Hollywood quality acting, along with some of the most innovative camera shots I’ve ever seen. The finished product is as smooth and slick as any full-budget project you will find.

It is no wonder they won so many awards.

Wishbone premiered last night at Bridgewater State University’s Campus MovieFest Festival and took home the awards of:

**Best Drama, Best Actor, Best Cinematography, and Audience Choice!

These kids are on to something big here.  Shanahan and Murphy are going to return to Hollywood to enter Wishbone in the film festival.  Mike and Meagan could use some extra cash to make the trip out to LA this year.  Would you like to be on the ground floor of something big?  Mike and Megan have agreed to invite any and all donors to this project to be guests in their Malibu ocean-front estate in the spring of 2018.  Gifts of over $100.00 will be guaranteed a balcony room. 

For those interested…

Mike’s website here: Shanahan Films

Mac Capen (Director): Youtube site


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